What should I pay attention to when placing my order?
 You should make sure that your delivery and billing address are correct for proper delivery of your order at your address.
Can i order without being a member? 
Of course not. You don't need to be a member to give an order.
Can I place an international order?
 Of course. However, since the shipment fee varies by countries, an additional fee will be charged. Please provide the details of your address and order by sending an e-mail at contact@soulspiritz.com for any international orders.
Do you have installment sales?
We have an agreement with 6 banks for the installment credit card sales. 
Do I have to pay for the shipping?
No, Soul Spiritz is paying all the costs for you.
How long does the delivery takes? 
Your order will be shipped within maximum 5 days. 
How can I track my order?
When your product is shipped, you will receive an automatic e-mail providing the shipment tracking number. you can track the shipmet from the link provided.
How can I return or replace my order?

You can return all products free of charge within 15 days if they are not damaged or used. In case of product replacements, please provide the details of the model you want to replace and the details of the product you prefer by sending us an e-mail at contact@soulspiritz.com.In the next step, you should send us the product along with its invoice in order to activate your return or replacement.